What is fake friends?

Fake Friends is the only website dedicated to helping people manipulate their social life and popularity

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You’re looking for fake friends

Reputations take years to build up, right? Not anymore! Fake friends is a fast track to popularity. Imagine the look on your mates faces when a 'random' hot girl in the bar approaches YOU, flirts and asks for your number. Followed by some saucy facebook wall posts. Within no time you can manufacture an image as an irresitable hearthrob. And what are the benefits of that? Well scientific research has shown that women find men more attractive when other women fancy them.

There is no limit to how fake friends can be used. Perhaps you'd like to test your partner's fidelity with a honeytrap? Or you need someone to pretend to be your partner? Click here for more ideas

How does it work?

You find someone you like on here and private message or call them to arrange the details. You pay them either in advance via paypal or discretly on the day if meeting up. You can also view and leave feedback.

How much does it cost?

The website is completely free for seekers. The amount you pay the fake friend is between you guys.

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You will pretend to be a friend

How would you like to make money on your night out to a bar for as little as 15 mins of your time? Or while browsing facebook? Now you can by becoming a 'fake friend'!

How does it work?

Set up a profile with the services you want to offer and seekers get in touch by private message or phone. After the event you leave feedback on each other. Click here for more info and ideas

How much does it cost?

To celebrate the launch of fake friends it is currently free for a limited time for providers. Its up to you how much you want to charge people to be their fake friend. You can set rates or negotiate and get paid by paypal or when you meet them.

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Great friends site
I'm so happy with the number of free features provided on Fake Friends. Within minutes I had registered, found a fake friend and made contact. It really is that easy.

New York, USA

Gain popularity and attract girls
I used this site because I wanted to appear more popular and attract girls. The first thing I did was got some other attractive girls to post on my facebook wall. I can't believe how fast and easy this is!

Christchurch, NZ


Meet people and earn cash

It's so easy to make some spare cash and meet some new people at the same time. All I had to do was sign up and people started contacting me within hours.

Melbourne, Australia

Meet fake friends

Great site. I love how easy it is to find people and connect with them instantly. People are are so shallow and judgemental these days and this is the perfect way to manipulate them. I'll be using this site all the time!

London, UK

Planning a night out?

Update your staus and post details of where you will be. Seekers or providers can then get in touch with each other to arrange something in advance.

Already out and about in town?

Coming soon! Use the location service on our andorid app to see who else is in the same area and get in contact instantly.

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