How it works


  1. Post a job and let providers message you.


    Search providers and message them yourself.

  2. Once you've found someone you like click HIRE FAKE FRIEND on their profile page.

    They will get a fake friend request and if they accept, you're ready to go!

  3. Seekers pay you via paypal or in person.


  1. Search jobs and message the seeker.

  2. ACCEPT FAKE FRIEND REQUEST Seeker sends you a friend request

  3. Pay them via pay pal or in person.


After becoming fake friends you can leave feedback for each other. Feedback will not be posted until either you have both left it or 28 days has expired.

Planning a night out?

Update your status and post details of where you will be. Seekers or providers can then get in touch with each other to arrange something in advance.

Already out and about in town?

Coming soon! Use the location service on our andorid app to see who else is in the same area and get in contact instantly.

Read about the fake friends app

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