About Fake Friends


How does it work?

Seekers (those looking for fake friends) find a provider (fake friend) they fancy, discuss their requirements and set up the meeting or online interaction. The seeker pays the provider through paypal or in person. Once the interaction has taken place, they leave feedback for each other.

Top online uses for Fake Friends

1. Facebook

People use their real accounts to post comments, like photos, check in with or pretend to be in a relationship with someone. Of course anybody could set up a fake account and do this. However, not only is setting up a fake account against facebook policy, but the account would have few if any friends, would be obvioulsy fake and be deleted in due course by facebook. Hiring a real person gives authenticity.

2. Twitter

People with few followers hire someone with loads to tweet about them, instantly gaining recognition.

3. Product promotion

Businesses hire people to discretely promote their product or service to their friends or followers. Why? Because a personal recomendation is worth far more than a generic advert.

Top real life uses for Fake Friends 

1. Fake flirt

The most popular technique is for a guy to hire an attractive girl to chat them up in a bar in front of their mates or a date. You can update your status to say where you're planning to go and browse other status updates. If you're already out, use the location service on our android app to find people where you are and arrange the deal in minutes!

2. Fake partner

People hire a non sexual escort to pretend to be their partner at parties, bars etc or to make an ex jealous

3. Honeytrap

People who want to test their partners fidelity hire a hottie to do the job

4. Wingwoman

Guys hire a girl to help break the ice and chat up girls with/for them

5. Practical jokes

People hire strangers to play all sorts of pranks and practical jokes on their unsuspecting friends


Can guys become providers and girls seekers?

Of course, the provider and seeker roles are open to everyone. However we find the most popular interaction is guys seeking girls. The reason for this is that scientific research has shown that women are attracted to men that other women find attractive. The concept is known as social proof. Witness the way hundreds of screaming girls lust after boy band members. However the reverse is generally not true. Men are not attracted to women who are surrounded by handsome men. Women seekers do use the services of handsome men however to boost their reputation around their female friends, or make ex boyfriends jealous. They also hire other women to pose as honeytraps


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