OMG she's so fake!

You already use facebook, you already go to bars and clubs. Now you can make money out of it by becoming a fake friend! You control the services you offer and the price.


Facebook is the most popular online use for fake friends. A seeker hires you to post comments, photos or pretend to be in a relationship with them. Don't want your real friends to see your fake relationship status? No problem, you can easily hide your relationship status.

Real life 

The most popular technique is for a guy to hire an attractive girl to chat them up in front of their mates or a date, pretend to be their girlfriend, or for a woman to set up a honeytrap. Going for a night out? Update your status with details of where you'll be and seekers can get in touch to plan an interaction in advance. Read here about how to set up a paypal account to receive payments.

Examples of Fake Friend services

  • Facebook (wall posts, photos, comments, likes, check ins, relationship status)
  • Fake flirt in pubs, bars and clubs
  • Phone calls
  • Texts
  • Online forums
  • Twitter (Help others to get popular by tweeting about them)
  • Parties
  • Honeytrap
  • Fake girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Wingman/wingwoman
  • Non sexual escort services
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Planning a night out?

Update your status and post details of where you will be. Seekers or providers can then get in touch with each other to arrange something in advance.

Already out and about in town?

Coming soon! Use the location service on our andorid app to see who else is in the same area and get in contact instantly.

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