Why hire a fake friend?

Popularity breeds popularity. Hire fake friends to give your reputation and popularity an initial boost, then sit back and watch your real popularity increase. Scientific research has shown that women find men more attractive when other women fancy them.

Just imagine you're on a date and a hot girl tries to chat you up, then tells your date that she's a lucky girl. Or a girl approaches, flirts and gives you her number in front of your mates. This sort of thing rarely happens to the average guy so the impact on people's impression of you is priceless. Instantly you are the man. Repeat this a couple times in different locations and your reputation as a lady killer will go through the roof. This in turn will boost your actual popularity amoungst your friends and with the ladies.


Facebook is the most popular online use for fake friends. You hire the services of someone who uses their real account to post on your wall, change your relationship status, impress your mates, make other girls jealous, the choice is yours.

Real life

Hire an attractive girl to chat you up in a bar in front of your mates or a date. Or pretend to be your girlfriend. Update your status with details of where you'll be and search providers status'. If you find someone who will be in the same area then get in touch and arrange an interaction in advance.


Examples of Fake Friend services

  • Facebook (wall posts, photos, comments, likes, check ins relationship status)
  • Fake flirt in pubs, bars and clubs
  • Phone calls
  • Texts
  • Online forums
  • Twitter (Hire someone popular to tweet about you, your product or services)
  • Parties
  • Honeytrap
  • Fake girlfriend/boyfriend

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Planning a night out?

Update your status and post details of where you will be. Seekers or providers can then get in touch with each other to arrange something in advance.

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